Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Hand aufs herz"

The work "Hand aufs herz" is trying to locate the "golden age" of Austria. It was created through the participation at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg 2011th year.
Salzburg today is rich with Baroque culture and architecture that was during the Allied bombing in World War II almost completely devastated. What is symptomatic for the city today is that from many offered narratives of the past, the Baroque period is perceived as a "golden age" of Austria. What is problematic is that this period, actually erasing the other pasts. Beside the fact that in the public sphere it is completely invisible the status of the country during the Second World War, it is also forgotten the period of the seventies and the reign of Bruno Kreisky. For many citizens this period is considered the most stable period in Austria. On the one hand it was a period of social democracy and greater equality between the classes. While, on the other hand, Kreisky was the only statesman who led the policy that is openly opposed the Nazi ideology. 
This work attempts to establish a relationship between two different pasts and to make visible the policy behind the creation of one dominant narrative about the past. The attitude towards the past is arbitrary and is always conditioned by the policies of the ruling ideology.
Series of drawings, pencil and ink, various dimensions, 2011

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