Friday, April 1, 2016

Rendered History

Framework of the project Rendered History is the work with war and post-war trauma of former Yugoslav societies. The project is an example of art that deals with the media, forensic, political and moral identification and presentation of war crimes and the current transitional ideologies of their denial and erasure. The author wish to question how the media and institutions in the post-Yugoslav societies create public space, and thus shape the collective memory. The goal is to work with art as a form of counter public sphere that raises questions of war media propaganda, manipulation, historical responsibility and intellectual engagement.

Series of drawings
Ink wash on watercolor paper
Various dimensions

Work in progress

"Invisible Violence"|Artium | Basque Museum-Centrer of Contemporary Art|Vitoria|Spain|2014
"Invisible Violence"|Museum of Contemporary Art|Belgrade|Serbia|2014
"Invisible Violence"|Museum of Contemporary Art|Belgrade|Serbia|2014
"Past is Now"|Fotodoks Festival|Münchner Stadtmuseum|München|Germany|2015

Večernje Novosti|Front Page 8 August 1992|Inkwash on paper|51x66cm

El Pais|Front Page 31 August 1992|Inkwash on paper|51x66cm

El Mund|Front Page 8 August 1992|Inkwash on paper|51x66cm

The Irish Times|Front Page 13 November 1991|Inkwash on paper|51x66cm

Frankfurter Allgemeine|Front Page 12 August 1992|Inkwash on paper|56x76cm

Suddeutsche Zeitung|Front Page 19 July 1995|Inkwash on paper|56x76cm

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