Sunday, March 9, 2014

Knindže - Vitezovi Srpske Krajine

"Kninjas - Knights of Srpska Krajina" was a Serbian war-propaganda comic book that came out during the fall of 1991, during the war in Yugoslavia. It was published only two issues and the publisher was Belgrade-based daily newspaper “Politika”. The main heroes of this comic book are “Kninjas” that are fighting for the freedom of Srpska Krajina. They have folk names (Sava, Radojica, Milica, Grujica), and are represented as offshoots of Serbian century struggle for freedom, they are committed to the Serbian faith 'Svetosavlje' values ​​and patriarchal life, but at the same time, having all the characteristics of a super - comic book heroes: mafia experience in the European underground, conduct all kinds of modern weapons and Eastern martial arts, a perfect knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to disguise themselves as whatever character in whichever foreign country and to easily communicate with the most diverse world. Croats are shown as anti-Serbian hordes that are trying to destroy the Serbian race by any means. Ustasha Ante Jelic always carries srbosek (the knife for Serbs), and his comrade make plans to attack the Knin fortress, saying: "There is no mercy for the Serbs! A knife, a bullet, a rope! We need to rid of the stench of Balkan Gypsies (...). Only the dead Serbs are good Serbs. " 

Kninjas, were the Serbian paramilitary unit (special forces) which participated in the war in Croatia, in the self-proclaimed Republic of Srpska Krajina, from 1991 to 1995. The first commander of the unit was Dragan Vasiljković (Captain Dragan), an Australian citizen accused of war crimes where he was hiding under the name of Daniel Sneden. Later, the unit was disbanded and it eventually formed the "Wolves", and in 1996 the "Red Berets". Kninjas fought in the region of Croatia (ex Yugoslavija) where local Serbs proclaimed autonomy first and then independent Republic, called „Republika Srpska“. The name "Kninjas" originated as a play on words or combination of words Knin (the capital of Republic of Srpska Krajina) and ninja (masked skillful Japanese fighters).

The series is consisted out of 18 drawings, Ink-wash on paper, 56cm by 38cm each, 2013

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