Monday, April 20, 2015

Free Objects

Free Objects centers on the “Free Objects” list: an official document listing the objects found in several mass graves in Batajnica, a suburb of Belgrade. These mass graves, containing the remains of Kosovo Albanians, were uncovered between June 2001 and November 2002, on the training grounds of special anti-terrorist units of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Batajnica, 20 kilometers from the city center. During the exhumation a significant number of victims’ personal items were found. Hundreds of items were listed as having been found on bodies or in their immediate vicinity. These were mostly small personal items, but the list also contains body parts and missiles of different calibers. After the forensic examination, all items were listed and the final list was stored in an archive. Free Objects questions what happened to these objects. Even though there is evidence that the objects were subsequently destroyed, we cannot exclude the possibility that some survived. 

Items collected during exhumation at the Batajnica 2 site – KO502212|Series of 11 ink wash drawings|56cmx76cm each.

"Resolution 827"|SMBA|Amsterdam|2015|

"Resolution 827"|SMBA|Amsterdam|2015|

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